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When it comes to authentic Mexican cuisine, Mercado Azteca & Deli offers superior taste and top-notch variety – add some spice to your life!


You can expect to find delicious and affordable entrée that have been cooked and simmered to perfection. Whether you are dining in, or ordering delivery, you’ll find that the quality of our food is unmatched. We truly take tradition into account when it comes to the food we prepare for you.


We also offer you a wide array of deli and grocery items. You won’t leave hungry!


Chuletas a la mexicana 11.50

Mexican style pork chops


Chuletas en salsa verde o roja 11.50

Pork chops in green or red sauce


Chuletas encebolladas 11.50

Pork chops with sautéed onions


Carne enchilada 11.50

Filet of spicy pork


Carnitas 11.50


Fajitas de pollo 10.95

Chicken fajita


Fajita de camarón 12.95

Shrimp fajita


Fajitas de bistec 11.95

Steak fajita


Fajitas de camarón y pollo 13.95

Shrimp and chicken fajita


Fajitas de camarón y bistec 13.95

Shrimp and steak fajita


Fajitas de bistec y pollo 13.95

Steak and chicken fajita


Fajita Azteca 15.95

Dos camarones, bistec, pollo y chorizo

Two shrimps, steak, chicken & spicy sausage

Servido con arroz, frijoles, tortillas y queso fresco

Served with rice, beans, tortillas & fresh cheese

Servido con arroz, frijoles y tortillas

Served with rice, beans & tortillas

Puerco / Pork

Sopa de mariscos roja 12.95

Seafood soup in red sauce


Sopa de mariscos blanca 12.95

Seafood soup in white sauce


Sopa de camarones 12.25

Shrimp Soup

Camarones a la mexicana 12.95

Shrimp Mexican style


Camarones al mojo de ajo 12.95

Shrimp in garlic sauce


Camarones a la diabla 12.95

Spicy shrimp


Camarones al ajillo 12.95

Shrimp scampi


Camarones con brócoli 12.95

Shrimp with broccoli


Camarones empanizados 12.95

Breaded shrimps


Cóctel de camarón 10.95

Shrimp cocktail

Served with tortillas only

Servido con arroz, frijoles y tortillas

Served with rice, beans & tortillas

Mariscos / Seafood

Ensalada regular 4.00

Regular salad


Ensalada de tacos 6.95

Taco salad


Ensalada con pollo 5.95

Chicken salad


Ensalada a la parrilla 5.95

Grilled chicken salad


Ensalada Caesar 4.95

Caesar salad


Ensalada de Nopales 4.95

Cactus salad


Ensalada de aguacate 4.95

Avocado salad

Piña colada 4.95

Pineapple smoothie


Batido de fresa 3.95

Strawberry milkshake


Batido de vainilla 3.95

Vanilla milkshake


Batido de chocolate 3.95

Chocolate Milkshake


Batido de mora 3.95

Blackberry smoothie


Batido de papaya 3.95

Papaya smoothie


Batido de mamey 3.95

Mamey milkshake


Batido de banana 3.95

Banana Smoothie

Horchata   (S) 2.00 (M) 3.00 (L) 4.00



Tamarind   (S) 2.00 (M) 3.00 (L) 4.00


Jamaica   (S) 2.00 (M) 3.00 (L) 4.00



Lemonade   (S) 2.00 (M) 3.00 (L) 4.00


Jarra de agua fresca (Solo en mesa)

Pitcher of fresh water (Dine-in Only)


Una gran variedad en sodas y jugos

We have a variety of sodas and juices

Ensaladas / Salads

Batidos / Shakes

Aguas Frescas

Postres / Desserts

Tamal de chocolate 2.25

Tamale of chocolate


Tarta de queso 3.50

Cheese cake


Pastel de chocolate 3.50

Chocolate cake


Pastel de zanahoria 3.50

Carrot cake


Arroz con leche 3.00

Rice pudding


Gelatina Jelly 2.00


Flan Flan 4.00


Churros Churros 4.00

Fin de semana / Weekend

Barbacoa de chivo, consome de chivo, pozole y pancita

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